What is Project Graduation?

Project Graduation is a national movement started by a group of parents who wanted to establish an alcohol and drug-free set of celebrations for graduating classes.

What does Project Graduation sponsor?
     » All night celebration for the graduating class
     » Senior picnic and transportation
     » Senior T-shirt

Who makes Project Graduation happen?
A group of senior volunteer parents in coordination with the NCHS staff coordinator. All senior parents are invited and encouraged to attend meetings. Meetings are held once a month. Please refer to the Event and Meeting Schedule tab for specific dates and locations. Hope to see you there!

Who pays for the Project Graduation events?
» Senior students pay a Project Graduation fee.
» Fundraisers

What are the goals for Project Graduation?
» Have 100 percent student participation at the sponsored events
» Provide a safe, alcohol and drug-free environment
for students to celebrate their accomplishments and reflect on the supportive and nurturing environment that Nolan Catholic High School has provided them.

We appreciate your support of our fund raising efforts to make Project Graduation a huge success for our students.

Thanks again for your continued support!



Project Graduation Guidelines

Project Graduation is a safe and drug- and alcohol-free event for graduating seniors that is sponsored by Nolan Catholic High School through funds raised by student fees and fundraising opportunities.

A Nolan Catholic staff person is the NCHS Project Graduation (PG) coordinator. The parents of the senior class will be the fundraisers and committee persons who will make the event happen. If there is not a senior parent to volunteer for the position needed, the event will not happen.

Coordinate food, volunteers, activities, transportation and miscellaneous logistics of picnic. NCHS PG ’12 liaison to Camp Thurman. Coordinate with Spirit Store and NCHS PG coordinator regarding senior t-shirt design, production and distribution

Coordinates and oversees events and activities for the lock-in on graduation night. Establishes and oversees sub-committees for set up, security, food, entertainment, gifts/prizes and other miscellaneous items related to the lock-in.
Liaison to Alley Cats.

Responsible for all financial matters of Project Graduation including, but not limited to, check requests, cash boxes, monthly reports to coordinator and collection of student fee. Must send all requests to NCHS PG coordinator to approve.

Keeps minutes of monthly meetings; posts minutes to parents; assists with mailings; responsible for thank you notes, tax acknowledgements and eligibility forms.

Senior Show:
Coordinates and oversees all activities involved with the talent/fashion show including, but not limited to, venue, student acts, coordination with fashion merchants, box office, decorations, set up, take down, publicity, auction items.

Responsible for publicity including preparing correspondence for coordinator to send to parents and students regarding Project Graduation events and activities; responsible for information (meeting dates, activities, forms, etc.) for Project Graduation web page on the NCHS website.
All communications must be approved by the coordinator.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Creates and maintains database of volunteers for all events. Confirms Keeping Children Safe certification for all volunteers.

Treat Sales:
Coordinates and oversees sales of treats (Smoothies, brownies, hot chocolate) and volunteers on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the fall semester.

Senior Wall: Coordinator:
Maintains and keeps current the “Senior Wall” with photos of seniors in current events and activities.

Senior Video: Coordinator:
Develops and produces senior video for lock-in.