Stephen Breen Memorial Scholarship

Stephen Breen was a member of the Nolan Catholic High School Class of 2007 who died after a lengthy battle with cancer in October 2004. A foundation in Stephen's memory was established to assist in the education of young men and women. The Stephen Breen Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a graduate of NCHS who embodies a dedication to the school, serves as a source of encouragement to classmates, exhibits powerful faith and demonstrates a commitment to the community.

Award recipients:

2010 John Eckelbarger
2009 William Jung, IV
2008 Anthony Guajardo
2007 Robert Deck



Wiley J. Voorhies Memorial Scholarship

Wiley J. Voorhies was committed to this faith -- a true Christian steward. As a significant and meaningful tribute to his Christianity, a memorial scholarship was created as a legacy to perpetuate the values that were important to him. The Wiley J. Voorhies Memorial Scholarship is given to a Nolan Catholic High School senior who sets a strong example to fellow students by embracing components of true Christian values and stewardship.

Award recipients:

2010 Greg Whitaker
2009 Crystal Finley
2008 Christopher West



Dr. Joseph Kuban Awards for Excellence

The Dr. Joseph Kuban Awards for Excellence are college grants awarded annually to two graduating NCHS seniors. Each award is considered separately and with equal emphasis on exemplary performance in the areas of science and music. The awards were established to honor Dr. Kuban's life-long passions -- science and music -- as well as his long-term commitment and dedication to Nolan Catholic High School.

Award recipients:

2010 Felicia Swindell Damon Paulo
2009 Sara Korzekwa Phillip Polidore
2008 Emily Rew Patricia Coogan


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