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Nolan Catholic High School is a Tax Exempt (501) (c) (3) Organization.

Nolan has received our status, as a member of the Fort Worth Diocese, from a Group Ruling issued by the Internal Revenue Service for Catholic Organizations that are listed in the Official Catholic Directory 2014.

FUNDRAISING MANAGEMENT The Director of Advancement is tasked by the NCHS Administration to provide oversight of our two school-wide fundraising activities: Partners for Progress Annual Fund and the Mardi Gras Dinner/Auction Gala. Additionally, the Director of Advancement provides Parent Booster Groups with the following guidance:

Education of “Not for Profit” governmental standards

Funds raised are not to be an excess of what is required for actual group


Campus Fundraising Calendar

Maintenance of a campus-wide fundraising calendar that helps to

ensure that NCHS fundraising groups are not engaged in the same type of

fundraising effort – at the same time – so that one group does not potentially

hamper the fundraising efforts of another.

Appropriate Student Participation

Helps to ensure that student participation in fundraising activities, and the

products/services provided, are in line with NCHS values.

Intra-organizational Communication & Support

Helps to facilitate communication between fundraising organizations at

Community Council meetings (Hosted by Assistant Principal of Student

Affairs) to increase awareness, generate brainstorming and problem

solving, and campus-wide support.

Education – Adherence to NCHS Policies

Helps to assist parent leaders and moderators with compliance of required