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Lunch Service

Lunch Service

Nolan Catholic Lunch Menu

Nolan Catholic High School’s food service is provided by Educational Catering, Inc. (ECI). The cafeteria is open from 7-10 a.m. ¬†for breakfast and for all lunch periods.

ECI’s goal is to provide students and faculty with quality meals by offering popular, well balanced, not entrees each day, as well as tasty side dishes, fruits, hamburgers, salads and cold sandwiches.

Participants may use cash or their students IDs as a debit card to purchase lunch. You can view purchases and add debit account funds online at You will recieve weekly balance notification via e-mail if your e-mail address is on file. If you would like to change or ad yur e-mal address, please send your request to

Contact ECI Customer Service at or 713-722-7773, ext. 301. Contact the cafe manager at


Meal Prices
Meal prices include (1) protein, (2) vegetables, and tea, fruit punch or lemonade.

Regular meal price: $5

Action Station price: $6.15

Salad Bar
At the salad bar, a variety of prepared salads are served alongside fresh salad greens and topping each day. ECI chefs offer at least four made-from-scratch salad dressings along with traditional favorites.

Weekly Menu
The weekly menu is based on a four-week Master Cycle Menu. The Master Cycle Menu is available through your Chef. Contact

You can visit us on the web: