Requirements for Prospective Students

Requirements for Prospective Students

Nolan Catholic considers qualified students of all faiths and denominations without any regard to race, ethnicity or national origin.


Ability to be successful – Admissions Committee reviews the entire body of work including: the application, placement test, report cards, standardized test scores and teacher recommendations in regards to academic ratings, effort and potential

History of effort level, proper conduct and treating others with kindness – Admissions Committee carefully reviews the citizenship, motivation and effort portions of the report cards, teacher comments and teacher evaluations.

Parental cooperation with student expectations – Parents must share behavior expectations required by Nolan Catholic

Transfer Policy

International Student Admission

International students are considered only as incoming freshman or sophomores at the beginning of the school year.

Students may apply with our online application which includes a $75 application fee. Students are to submit academic records from their current school and student evaluations from their Headmaster and teachers in math and English.  These records must be translated to English. For help with translating these documents, contact Foreign Credentials (512-459-8428) and submit to Nolan Catholic High School. All international students must be proficient in English – reading, writing, and comprehension.  Nolan Catholic does not offer ESL classes. We require international students to take the TOFEL Jr. or SLEP exam. All students must live with a relative or with a host family already established. Nolan Catholic does not provide host families. If accepted to Nolan Catholic, the student may apply for the I-20 Visa. Nolan Catholic does not issue visas. The paperwork is handled through the Catholic Center, the offices for the Diocese of Fort Worth.  The fee is $200. Tuition for the 2016-2017  school year will be around $14,490, due on the first day of school. In addition, there is a $500 nonrefundable, registration fee due within 10 days of acceptance. All new students must have immunization records and a physical prior to the first day of school.