About NCHS



Nolan Catholic operates using the President/Principal model of secondary school administration. The President is the CEO (chief executive officer) and carries the full responsibility for the school’s entire operation. The President is accountable to the superintendent of Catholic Schools, and ultimately to the Bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth. The President oversees the Principal, Advancement Office, Business Operations, Facilities, and Technology. The Principal is the chief operations officer who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school, and is accountable to the President. The Principal supervises the Assistant Principal of Academics, the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs, The Director of Campus Ministry, the Athletics Director, the School Nurse, and the Director of Learning Service Support .


Vader Erin

Erin Vader — President
Reyes Benedict

Benedict V. Reyes — Principal

Cary Meiners — Assistant Principal of Student Affairs
Duarte Gabriel

Gabriel Duarte — Assistant Principal, Academic Affairs
Perales William

William Perales — Dean of Students