NCHS Logos and Graphic Standards


The Nolan Catholic Brand

Nolan Catholic High School strives to present a clear and consistent identity that exemplifies the mission and values of our school. To preserve the integrity of the school's brand, NCHS provides a Style and Identity Manual to anyone who produces documents or other materials that represent  Nolan Catholic.

To access logo files or document templates, click on the links to the right. Please note: these pages are private. To access these pages you must sign in and be granted access.

If you are a vendor or a member of the media and need access to logo files, please e-mail the NCHS communication office.


Nolan Catholic High School Name Usage

The acceptable reference to Nolan Catholic High School always includes Catholic. Acceptable: Nolan Catholic High School, Nolan Catholic or NCHS. Nolan High School should not be used.

Logo standards