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Welcome to the Nolan Catholic High School Library!! The NCHS Library offers more than 20,000 books, current periodicals, DVDs, CDs, and various specialized electronic databases for research.  We also have Kindles for student check out.  Our library encourages READING as well as the development of information literacy skills.

The Library is open to students and faculty every weekday from 7:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. during regular school days. The library staff is always happy to assist students with their research needs.

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Endangered by Eliot Schrefer

 A Publisher’s Weekly review states the following about this compelling teen novel set in the Democratic Republic of Congo:  “When Sophie visits her mother at a bonobo sanctuary, she finds purpose by bonding with and caring for Otto, an abused juvenile bonobo. Civil war breaks out while Sophie's mother is away, and Sophie is inadvertently trapped in a country beset by starvation, roving bands of killers, and natural hazards. To stay alive, Sophie and Otto live off the land, travel in secret, and coexist with other bonobos, while seeking escape or refuge from the chaos.This drama is clearly written from the heart, smoothly educating readers about the perilous dichotomy of the Congo and the heart-wrenching plight of the endangered bonobo, without sacrificing the intensity of the story. Sophie, meanwhile, demonstrates herself to be tenacious, resourceful, and strong, making decisions that, while not always smart, are driven by compassion.”  This book is recommended for ages 12-18 and addresses social justice issues in the Congo as well as raises interesting ethical questions about our responsibilities regarding animal rights and endangered species.


            The following teachers and students were part of a committee designed to choose this year’s book. Thanks to  Delia Morales, Jessica Andersen, Thomas Park, Jared Fleming, Mary Hulcher, Christian Chen, Erin Roberts, Nhi Nguyen, Kathyrn Risinger, Lauren Titsworth, Maggie Jensen, Catherine Gale, Michelle Bland, Maeve Mitchell, Danielle Lofgren, Mrs. Schneider, Mrs. Sullivan, Ms. Brown, Ms. Brock, Mrs. Pierret, Dr. Scheer, Mr. Wampach, Mrs. Corbett, Mrs. Barth, Mr. Kohler, Mrs. Rosenthal, Mrs. deWinter and Mr. Depta. 





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